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Aims and objectives

On its completion the project  will:

• Create operational and multidisciplinary non-formal mentoring programs to promote young people with disabilities (those with potential to become school dropout aged between 16 and 24) to the labour market at the existing workplaces offered by employers.
• Enable youth/students with disabilities to identify their capabilities and interests for further training and potential work through offering on-the job mentoring.
• Offer a validation tool of blended mentoring programs conducted by mentors (teachers/trainers, psychologists, social and youth workers).
• Support acquisition of key and transversal competencies by the support of youth mentors and workers of beneficiaries with disabilities.
• Create networks at local level between the education and the business.
• Analyze relevant EU policies and establish a virtual archive through the collection of documents on EU non-formal education, training and combating strategies for early school leave.
• Establish multi-lingual best practice database regard to business start-up and active labour market initiatives.
• Create package of mentoring practices for mentors and mentees.
• Strengthen the skills of youth/students with disabilities in areas such as active citizenship, entrepreneurship, empowerment, social inclusion, equal opportunities and managing change.
• Develop a method for cooperation between education institutions and social welfare structures to create possibilities for guidance and cooperation with troublesome young people who are with a potential from educational dropout.
• Support the priorities of Council Resolution on a renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018) – EU Youth Strategy and specifically the policy recommendations of the EU Youth report.

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