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“Crossing Diversity” Workshop

Crossing Diversity workshop photo

18-19 October 2018, Naples (Italy)

In today’s global world, diversity has become increasingly important. As the awareness of the benefits of diversity and inclusion grows, these components become key in the facilitation of abilities acquisition. The importance in every life situation, by work or private experience, to consider diversity and inclusion as a part of a grow process, contribute to increase human skills and performance and to the differentiation of transcultural competences.

Starting from this reflection, Associazione Mosaico lead a 2 days local workshop direct to 8 youth workers (from the organizations: Componibile62, Altra Napoli onlus and Associazione Quartieri Spagnoli) and 3 school referents (Istituti Cristoforo Mennella, Sandro Pertini and Don Bosco), interested to deepen more the topic in relationship with schools and youth organizations activities.
The 2-days workshop was a good moment to present the details of VM-Project and its first 10 months results to the interested organizations and referents, to choose Mentor and Mentee for the pilot project in Naples and to establish the next local project steps in cooperation with the involved people.

Crossing Diversity workshop photo

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