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Our project on Italia 7 TV Channel

Foto di Matteo mentre stava informando sul programma TV in diretta

Project Coordinator Matteo Perchiazzi from SIM – Italian School of Mentoring was the guest of the Program the Nicolette Giuliani Sports Gossip in Italia 7, a local television in Tuscany.

The TV Program was about mentoring in sport and they talked about how much it can count to have a guide and a positive example to follow in everyone sports life. Project Coordinator Matteo Perchiazzi also recounted the activities that the SIM promotes through the sports association Mentor Net, on Mentoring in sport for the disabled, including VMPRO, which will see us engaged for the next two years.

There will be an interview in a local Radio about the specific Project VM – PRO” on 17/04/2018.

Photo of Matteo when he was informing on TV live program

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