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Our project was intruduced at local radio FM 675 in the programme ‘Weekend One’

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Italian School of Mentoring – SIM presented its activities, what mentoring is in general and in particular Facilitated Mentoring Programmes for Drop Out trough sports.

By the way the main sponsor of FM is supporting also a motor cross team and a basket team in 2nd series.

In this occasion, Perchiazzi talked about many SIM programmes and schemes of doing Mentoring for Drop Out, in particular “Mentoring to life”, “Mentoring to work” and “Mentoring to sport”.

On this issue, Perchiazzi announced an innovative tool and project won by an international partnership and founded by Erasmus plus Programme, VM – PRO.

In this quick time of the interview Perchiazzi went in deep about the activities planned in VM – PRO, and above all its innovative aspects, both for the methodology and the target group.

In fact many associations use teaching sports to disabled people dropout (in particular psychic disabilities), to empower soft skills to support them in the integration in labour market.

What VM PRO is thinking to do is to do a step further with disabled people, putting them as Mentors for Drop out, socializing them to sports and  to labour market”

This is innovative, considering the current practices of education methodologies for disabled people. Moreover, the other innovative aspect is to pilot a manual (and a scheme) for all organisations who want to try this methodology”

So the programme ‘Week end one’ offered to keep update about this issue, to go on monitoring and disseminating VM – PRO activities”

Facebook live broadcast link

Weekend One radio program poster 14th April 2018

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